Welcome to PhosphoDB

Are you interested in a particular phosphorylation site? Would you like to know which protease could facilitate its identification by MS? PhosphoDB can help you! PhosphoDB is a publicly accessible database of phosphopeptides identified in a large set of multiple proteases MS-based proteomics experiments.

For more details about the experimental workflow, data collection and processing see our manuscript:

Piero Giansanti, Thin Thin Aye, Henk van den Toorn, Mao Peng, Bas van Breukelen and Albert J.R. Heck (2015) An Augmented Multiple-Protease-Based Human Phosphopeptide Atlas Cell Reports 11, 1–10 (doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2015.05.029)

The database comprises of over 18,400 unique phosphorylation sites, which are covered by more than 37,700 unique phosphopeptide sequences. It is intended as a resource to facilitate the analysis of regulatory important protein phosphorylation sites by shot-gun and/or targeted-based phosphoproteomics studies.

Database totals

294324 PSMs in the database
25864 phosphosites in the database
6222 proteins in the database